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Custom Orthotics in Hudsonville

Shoes walking on pavementJust like with a house, your body needs a firm, level foundation in order to maintain its structural integrity. If any of the three natural arches in your foot are lost, your ankle will roll in, your knee will rotate in, your hips will be thrown out of balance and all of that will negatively affect your lower back and how well your body can hold adjustments.

Customized orthotics can provide the support you need when you’ve lost any of these arches, so that your ankles, knees, hips and spine can hold their proper alignment, alleviating pain as well as pressure on your nervous system.

Cutting-Edge Technology

At Healthy Choice Family Chiropractic, we offer Foot Levelers custom orthotics. The state-of-the-art process begins with a 3D scan of each of your feet. These scans are sent to the Foot Levelers lab, where custom orthotics are fabricated to your unique specifications to ensure each foot is supported in the way necessary to best support your spine and your body.

In about a week or so, we’ll get your orthotics from the lab. We’ll bring you back in and show you how to break the orthotics in gradually and what to look for to make sure it’s the right fit for you. You’re not stuck with poor-fitting orthotics! We use Foot Levels because if there is anything that’s uncomfortable for you after your break-in period, we can send them back and have them remade to ensure they’re the best possible fit for you.

What to Expect

Orthotics take a little getting used to, which is why there’s a break-in period. Most people feel like they’re standing taller—that’s because the orthotic raises the arch to where it’s supposed to be.

In general, people notice an improvement in their posture and reduction of pain in a few weeks.

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