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Nutrition and Lifestyle in Hudsonville

Heart-shaped plate of vegetablesAt Healthy Choice Family Chiropractic, our goal isn’t simply to help you feel better—we want you to function at your best! That’s why we offer a range of services that work together to complement your chiropractic care and support your journey toward optimal health.


Proper nutrition gives your body the building blocks it needs to perform and heal the way it’s designed to. In many cases, people have nutritional deficiencies and require supplementation to get the vitamins and minerals their body needs. Another common scenario is internal inflammation caused by eating the wrong foods.

Whether it is a dietary deficiency or inflammation at play, the result is that your body cannot function and heal to the best of its ability—which shows up in your life as pain, mobility issues or other symptoms.

Supplements and Diet

We’ll sit down with you and help determine the underlying cause of your nutritional issues and make recommendations regarding supplements and dietary changes to help you reach your health goals. We stock Metagenics®, Ortho Molecular and Standard Process® supplements because these brands are third-party tested and made of natural substances that your body can properly assimilate so you can get your desired results.

We may recommend dietary changes, which typically include eliminating processed foods, sugars, flours, and dairy, known to cause internal inflammation.

Lifestyle Habits

A significant cause of physical stress comes from our posture—not just standing posture, but sitting, sleeping and work-based postures can many times unknowingly add stress to our bodies daily. This additional stress may cause physical issues or, at the very least, limit the speed with which your body can heal.

If we believe posture impacts your health, we’ll recommend sleeping and standing postures. You can send photos of your workspace so we can make suggestions about changes you can make at work to reduce your physical stress there, too.

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